Sunday, November 04, 2007

Support Joe Szwaja for Seattle City Council, and I-25

To everyone still making up their minds on Seattle City Council races, or some of the initiatives. Here's my quick cheat sheet.

Seattle City Council:

Position 1: Vote for Joe Szwaja, an amazing progressive, a personal friend, and someone who has taken exactly zero dollars from special interests. Jean Godden is a fool who is not qualified for dog catcher. She panders to special interests, takes money from the likes of Nucor Steel, and Martin Selig, and has run some of the sleaziest and most dishonest campaigns I've ever seen in Seattle. Her campaign manager, Carlo Davis, is a total creep as well. Vote for Joe!

Positon 3: Vote for Bruce Harrell. Venus Velasquez would have had my vote until getting that DUI, and subsequently pleading not guilty when she blew a .115 while driving 50 through Ballard. Her insistence that she only had two glasses of wine is a joke. Show Venus the door.

Position 9: Vote for Sally Clark. Judy Fenton is a nutjob who thinks naked statues of fathers and sons are going to confuse children. She's a nice enough nutjob, but Sally Clark is wayyyyyy more qualified.


Ok now on to initiatives.

EHJR 4204, Vote Yes. The world is run by people that show up, let's let the schools win election levies with a simple majority. Everyone should support this bill.

Initiative 960, Vote No. Tim Eyman should not be encouraged.

Referendum 67, Vote Hell Yes! Insurance companies will be forced to cover claims, because this referendum triples their losses if they don't cover legit claims. Watch Sicko if you need to have a crash course in why this needs to happen.

Senate Joint Resolution 8212
Vote No! Prison Labor was outlawed long ago for many, many reasons. For profit corporate prisons are bad enough, prison labor hired out to private companies will make things much, much worse. How this comes out of a Democratically controlled Senate is basically an incrimination of Washington State's Democrats.

King County Initiative 25 provides for an Elected Director of Elections for King County. Vote Yes as many times as you can... which is pretty easy in King County! Know anyone not voting, just ask them to sign their ballot and hand it over. Make it a contest to see just how many times you can vote for this initiative. I would guess if you tried hard, you could probably vote 20 times between now and Tuesday. (I kid of course, just because they've made it ridiculously easy to vote multiple times should not be a reason to break the law)

Anyway, on everything else you are going to have to make up your own mind.