Monday, June 26, 2006

King County Needs a Team Bike Challenge

June is the Second Anual Team Bike Challenge in Santa Barbara. In order to replace and expand the region's "Bike to Work"" day, this Santa Barbara group challenges infrequent bicycle riders to change their habits by competing for a month with other teams.

In these days of high oil prices, air pollution, and global warming concerns, wouldn't it be nice to see someone like Global Warming cheerleader, Greg Nickels, get on a bike and publicize a good way to lower weight, improve traffic, and decrease air pollution. Why not a King County Team Bike challenge, and we can start by challenging all the fat polticians to change their lifestyles first?

Just a thought...

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Raistlin said...

Ha, that does sound like fun. Your bike commuting team would gets points for the amount of time they clock in per week.

That would help people to pick up the bike instead of the keys on mornings when their environmental will gets sluggish.

I'm sure it wouldn't be breaking the rules if Bob Ferguson towed Greg Nickels to work in a bike trailer:

But if so, Bob might be running a little late today.

Raistlin said...

Nickels in bike trailer

I fixed the links I think