Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Randomly Drafing Poll Workers

Here's an interesting story from Mexico. Interesting, mostly, because it points out that in Mexico they simply draft 1 million people randomly to work the polls. Pretty much solves the problem of a lack of vote counters. And seems like a Patriotic thing to do. Kinda like the Jury System maybe.

"He said a comprehensive voting list, ballot papers that could not be falsified, an efficient counting system and the presence of 1 million people chosen at random to work at ballot booths would prevent vote fraud."


Raistlin said...

That seems like a Sound way to help ensure a fraud-free Election Day. I'd be thrilled to get a letter in the mail summoning me to voting duty.

It's nice to see they actually have an independent group (The Federal Electoral Institute)in charge of things. Helps the random to stay random.

We as citizens of the United States should have a complete voting system that guarantees it's own integrity.

Of course, I am always rooting for the candidates that I select to represent me, but in many ways it is not so much who wins but that I know the person who wins was chosen by the people fairly. If I could consistently trust in the results at the poles it would bring me much peace.

My only problem is that Luis Carlos Ugalde looks just like Phil Hartman:
And for someone who was known as the man of 1,000 voices, this may have CIA written all over it. 8o)

Raistlin said...

fixed link

Phil Hartman