Tuesday, January 16, 2007


In a previous post I discussed Impeachment. Now I'm no fan of George Bush, and I'd love to see him impeached. But pragmatically speaking unless 10 or more Republicans get behind the idea, the Democrats simply don't have the votes. So if you support impeachment, I say the only way to go is to start harrassing Republicans in the House and Senate. Because until there's some swing votes in play, the Democrats are not going to play ball.

There are examples in my mind of Conservatives who may be able to still hear the ringing warning of Dwight Eisenhower. There's people like Chalmers Johnson, who were hard core cold warriors who expected more of a "peace dividend" when the Berlin Wall came down, and now spend their time exposing the facts. The problem is identifying those lonely voices. So my question then is which Republicans are going to figure out that tying their political futures to George Bush is no longer a wise move? But to get a couple swing state Republicans to understand this is going to require their constituents to lobby them, to put pressure where pressure is needed.

My question is not one about which Democrats are needed. Because that is obvious, it's gotta be ALL the Democrats, but even ALL of the Democrats still get us nowhere on Impeachment.
So which Republicans, if any, are in play?

Anyone who is currently calling for Maria Cantwell, or any other Democrat, to support Impeachment care to tell me who those Republicans are? The crimes are obvious, the impeachable offenses, again... OBVIOUS. But the road map to impeachment leads to the Repbulicans doorstep, and this isn't the 60s and Bush is not Nixon. In Nixon's days there were far greater numbers of Eisenhower Republicans still around that gave a damn. Today I don't know who those Senators with an R in their title are, do you?

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