Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jean Godden's Campaign Manager Carlo Davis Trolling Against Joe Szwaja

Carlo Davis, the campaign manager for Jean Godden, has spent a significant amount of time trolling the blogs distorting the facts, and posting under a list of fake names. Until recently this was simply a suspicion that I had no way to actually confirm, but recently The Paper Noose Blog traced his IP address and Carlo Davis then admitted to at least one of his blog pseudonyms.

In the comment thread, The Paper Noose writes:
Why is it that Godden supporters don't sign their posts with their real names, while Szwaja supporters do? Please don't avoid the question. The fact that the Godden campaign seems to spend a lot of time trolling on blogs speaks volumes to the fact that the campaign is deathly afraid of where some actual information about your candidate will come out; because sure as hell, the PI or Times aren't going to do it.
Why indeed? One of the most frequent commentators in the blogs has been a poster calling themselves "Xiu Xiu". The Paper Noose:
"CD" in the thread above, is posting from the same (obscure independent) ISP server, and the same IP number as the numerous posts on past Szwaja posts (labeled "xiu xiu"). It is also the same obscure ISP that hosts the Connections Group website, headed up by Cathy Allen.
Of course Carlo Davis then denies that he could possibly be Xiu Xiu, however, from the type of posts Xiu Xiu makes consistently, it's not a far stretch to assume that they are one and the same, especially when the IP address is the same.

Carlo Davis, posting under the name landsfarthereast, has a lengthy track record of distorting the truth on wikipedia as well. So much so that he was eventually banned from further edits, as he pushed Joe Szwaja to the level of wikirage.

His livejournal account confirms this identity as "landsfarthereast" at, where he also lists his name as "CD"... the same as the name he posts under at The Paper Noose. The AIM name listed: Landsfarthereast, the same name he posts under on Wikipedia. This IP address is linked to a defunct Bellingham IP address. Carlo used to go to school in Bellingham and has that location listed on his livejournal. So it's fairly clear who CD and Landsfarthereast is.... Carlo Davis, Jean Godden's campaign manager.

Now, I don't know about you, but I find the name "PS Shut the Fuck Up" to be quite charming.

Carlo Davis listed as Godden campaign manager:

List of all of his edits on wikipedia:

The discussion page on Joe Szwaja's wikipedia page highlights many of the attempts by the Godden campaign to distort the facts.

Carlo on the Seattle PI sound off uses the Landsfarthereast name and calls Joe, "joe "i put women in the hospital" szwaja":

If Jean Godden's campaign manager is spending all this time on wikipedia, and other blogs, using fake names, why is it such a stretch to consider that Xiu Xiu is also Carlo Davis?

In fact, Goldy over at has stated that the Godden campaign shopped the DV story to several news outlets before it finally came out in the PI. Goldy states:
Just to back up Geov here on his explanation of the process, the story on Szwaja was fed to me a few days ago, so it was clearly being pushed to reporters and bloggers. Though I was a bit surprised to see it appear so quickly in the P-I.
And the Seattle PI states that the Godden campaign was handing out the article on Joe at events:

So from lies and factual distortions, to handing out stories that they've spoon fed to their media friends, Jean Godden's campaign manager has clearly been trolling the blogs, wikipedia, and regular media with negative campaigning against Joe Szwaja. Rather than running on issues, or Jean's track record, Carlo Davis believes that destroying the opponent is his job. Obviously Jean Godden agrees.

Seattle deserves better than Jean Godden and Carlo Davis. Vote for Joe Szwaja for Seattle City Council Position 1.


Anonymous said...

I'm flattered by all the attention, Gentry. But, frankly, also a little creeped out. Last time I checked, I wasn't on the ballot, so your obsession with me seems a little misplaced.

But this has what I've come to expect from the Joe Szwaja campaign: lot's of complaining, no substance.

the paper noose said...

Anon=C.D. Left a similar accusation of "creepy" over at TPN. C'mon, CD.

Why not explain why your identity was so "secret"? Does this reflect on how your candidate is expected to handle the truth? It's not a stretch to judge a candidate by the actions of their consultants.

The fact is Godden broke the law. Or, are her ethics no longer "black and white"?

Gent said...

Yeah obviously it is creepy of me to point out what a creep you are. Keep it up, you're doing great.

Hugh Geenen said...

Actually, what's kind of creepy to me is a complete lack of self-awareness that complements a victim's mentality. Clearly, Carlo doesn't see his behavior as having caused anything to do with the reaction he is receiving, but rather something that is being perpetrated upon him for reasons unknown.

It's sad and a little troubling at the same time.

Anonymous said...

The documentation of all the time Godden's campaign manager has spent distorting Joe's entry on Wikipedia -- as well as all the city time and staff she has used during her campaign -- should be reason enough to vote against her. But Joe's right on the issues, and deserves credit for getting politicians like Godden to try and focus on some of them. Wake up Seattle! Vote for Joe and repudiate the Rovian campaign tactics of this gossip columnist and her unethical campaign staff!

Lynn Szwaja