Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Televised Debates

Great news! They invited me to the televised debates this Thursday. KCTS, channel 9, at 8pm.
Looks like when you start affecting the outcome of the race they actually start to pay attention.

Though, the voter's pamphlet no doubt helped a lot too. It's amazing to me that as a registered candidate, it wasn't until last week that I was officially listed, even though I registered back in August.

In addition I will be on KVI 570AM on Oct. 25th. Early morning show I believe.


Curtis Love said...

Yeah, I'll bet the guys at KVI love you now.

Gent said...

Do you think you have something productive to say?

Jimmy said...

How about... Good Luck! Tough crowd over at KVI.

Get a .mp3 recording on your blog of the show. I may not agree with your running but I would still like to hear what you have to say.


Jimmy said...

Oh crud. I forgot they only stream and don't give it out. I don't live in the wavelength so I cannot record it.

Buckywunder said...

Post-KVI post:

I listened to the entire 40 minute MP3 file that Gentry Lange provided (or was it just the link?). Anyway, it was a pretty good debate considering the venue. I am really not familiar with that Kirby guy, but even though you would think he might stack the deck towards David Irons, I thought he did an admirable job -- and was more than fair to Gentry.

FWIW, I thought it was wise to direct your "free forum" question to David Irons rather than pick on Ron Sims.

For those who may have been waiting for a public forum that allowed a fair hearing to Gentry's candidacy and some of the substance behind his views, I think this one superior to both the KCTS debate and that Channel 77 public access program which were both a little more jumbled and more difficult to put a complete thought together rather than sound bites. Just MHO.