Sunday, October 23, 2005

Who Funds the Election Center?

The head of the Election Center, the group I have been criticising for taking money from voting machine vendors, is apparently not feeling too comfortable with the latest GAO report. I have posted an extended quote from Blackbox below. Pay close attention to the responses on BBV, as John Giddeon adds that the Election Center has apparently put a number on the amount of the center's corporate funding, and apparently a pretty good sized 10% of the funding of the Election Center is coming from the corporate vendors.

From the website:

Oct. 7, Black Box Voting was invited to attend a groundbreaking Washington D.C. event titled “Threats to Voting Systems,” sponsored by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). For the first time, election officials, scientists, and election reform advocates discussed the realities of voting machine risks in earnest, without rancor or defensiveness. (NIST's Website.) The outcome of the meeting was an agreement to catalogue risks, and develop mitigation strategies. Not all participants were entirely comfortable with the proceedings.

“I feel like hanging myself,” said R. Doug Lewis Lewis is the enigmatic director of The Election Center (a private entity which has derided critics of voting machine security). Lewis looked pale and uncomfortable, but he was in the minority.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gentry, a bit off-topic to this post, but have you seen this blog posting? It chose you based on your "movie star looks". Maybe you've got an angle on this election that you haven't explored yet. :)

Gent said...

Hmm, a bit off topic? Yeah, not exaclty Election Center stuff, but as it is about me, I guess it is fair game. Well thanks for the heads up. Any press is good press in a way. Strange reason to endorse someone.