Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ideas on Traffic

Traffic ideas from a mayor in Canada

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Agressive Driving Addressed

Interesting Technology for Traffic Congestion

Pennsylvania Targets Tailgating as low cost improvement

[Public Education In Colorado targets Driving Problems]

The educational aspect of the campaign involved a multi-faceted approach in both print and electronic media, and educational efforts were undertaken that addressed the goals of the campaign both inside the Aurora Police Department and the City of Aurora as well. Uniformed officers of the Patrol Bureau were given briefings pertaining to the importance of their continuing attention to traffic-related matters during their patrol activities. Additionally, employees of the City of Aurora were informed as to the importance of the traffic campaign’s public safety goals through employee newsletters as well as Aurora’s award winning cable television station, KACT-TV, Channel 8. The entire media effort involved thorough explanations emphasizing the importance of the campaign, as well as the personal responsibility of each citizen to drive safely and respect the rights of other motorists.

One of the unique aspects of the campaign was demonstrated by the fact that the public was notified by the media in advance of the locations of targeted traffic enforcement activities. This approach was again proof positive of the behavior modification goal of the campaign. It also totally defused any public perception of the "cops hiding in the bushes to write tickets" criticism - often expressed particularly by many drivers while holding a traffic citation in hand.

Media coverage of the report effectively focused on
three core messages: there is hope for curing gridlock,
fixing traffic bottlenecks is a critical starting point to
any regional congestion relief plan and Congress needs
to pass a new six-year highway bill that dedicates
significant funding to improving bottlenecks.

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