Sunday, June 26, 2005

Supreme Courts VS Property Rights

So the Supreme Court's recent ruling on taking property for private development is just plain wrong. This ruling should be of particular concern to those of King County as the Critical Areas Ordinance is nothing compared to this decision.

I am not a person who believes much in the illusion of left/right categorizations of politics, as I tend to believe more in the corporate/anti-corporate division... this ruling is basically one of the worst decisions I have ever seen from this Court. Thankfully it's a 5-4 court, and is likely to swing the other way over time. But there's danger in that backlash as well.

Bush supporters, as I know a lot of perplexed Republicans out there, should take notice, not just of the so-called "liberal judges" of the court, but in Bush's silence on this decision. It would also be wise to actually acknowledge that this issue is not a left and right issue, and to come talk to those of us whom you may consider "lefties" and realize that there are allies in the anti-Corporate side of the isle on this issue.

Democrats might take note of the damage the so called "left-wing" of the court just did to society here, as a lot of good Democrats out there hold dear some rather anti-Corporate beliefs.

I fear that the backlash to this decision may bring about a gutting of environmental protection laws, which won't fix the problem, which is unchecked Corporate influence and power, rather this backlash will exacerbate the situation by playing one side off the other while continuing to further the corporate power grab and goals.

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